What is wrong with me
I feel so cold and weary
I have this unusual feeling inside
Now that ain't right
I wonder what's wrong
That I am writing this song
I have got the best things in life
I couldnt wish for anything more
Then why this ache in my heart?
I really don't know
A lotta things are running in my head
Even though I'm actually late for bed
It's 3 in the morning
And I'm awake darling
Where are you my angel
Come on now please do tell
I'm going to miss y'll for a few days
But will come back with gifts and cakes.

I turned 21 just last night.
And my god this year there were no fights
It all started with a surprise party at my house
Something that has never happened before
But it was one party that I enjoyed to the core
The celebrations went on and on
But I was as usual on the phone
Some how I was excited for this birthday
That I was smiling all through the day
I came for work and was a little upset
Cause something was missing from the desk
Later I went over to T3 to meet my friends
They were happy to see me in my latest trend
When I was about to leave
I asked about the missing thing
That's when I saw it come in.
I go back to my bay
And everyone there wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Then in the evening I was to cut two cakes
With another friend of mine
Who’s birthday falls on the same day as mine
It was a blast to celebrate my day with them
A heartfelt thanks goes out to all my friends
I come back to my bay after the celebrations at T3
And guess what there was another treat waiting for me
My friends in the sales bay
Ordered for a Chocolate Fantasy
From café coffee day
And I had a great time celebrating
Here in my bay
Oh wait things aren’t done yet
It was my turn now
To treat them to the fullest
We all had dinner at my expense
Something that made me feel content
There were lots of cute instances
Like when I had someone
Who came to pay me for my treat
On the whole this birthday was special
And all memories made from it
Will make me tell
You guys are truly my god given friends
Be it the ladies or the gents.

Everytime I talk to you
I'm able to see right through you
I don't know how
But all the hunches I made about you
Are right until now
I don't want you to look at me as some kind of a freak
It disturbs me so much to see you weak
Yes, I am young when compared to you
But I know that you've got absolutely no clue
Of what I have gone through
I might come across to you as a playful child
But don't forget to see me under the true light
Your eyes speak a lot to me
I know they carry a story
That I wanna see
Everytime I look at you
I look you straight in the eye
I feel as if they cry out to me
Asking me to hold you tight
You might be shrewd
You might be strong
You might even go on as if nothing is wrong
But my intuitions were right
You're not yourself
I wish to offer you my help
Now don't take this in the wrong sense
All that am trying to say is that
I want to be there for you through
Your joy and your pain
I want to tell you all this
Face to face
But I just can't do it
From my work place
I have the guts to text you
To see if you are ok
I'm just not doing it
Cause I don't want to get back a formal reply
That reads thanks am ok
I can understand why I get such a reply
But don't you think friendship can grow
As the time flies by
Am sure you started out the same way
With your other close friends
They too were once like me
Please now can you let me be
Your truly an amazing person in my sight
I don't want to let go of you without a fight
I hope you see that my feelings for you are true
And that it's not just mere sympathy
That I'm showing you
It's the position that you hold
That makes me feel a bit cold
If only you could strike a causal conversation
Or if I get to meet you during an intermission
What do I do? I feel so helpless
I can't understand why you doing this to yourself
But I want you to stop it all
And one day pick up my call.

Don’t think I’m trying to barge into your life
But I’m highly concerned over the things I hear
I don’t know what’s going on inside of you
But I really wish I knew
My imaginations are flying high as a kite
But my intentions are forever right
Why is it that you’re not eating?
I hope I can get the answer from you over a meeting
I’m deeply concerned about you
I pray that I can be there to help you through
I don’t have the courage to open up and ask
This to me is a damn huge task
I don’t know what’s wrong
But one thing is for sure
I don’t want to see you drown

It is a beautiful night
As lights fill the sky
Every soul delights
Cause it's such a magical night
It is the festival of lights
That is being celebrated nation wide
Something that even brings out
The ones who hide
It is indeed special
Cause I got something
That I never expected
Something that made my day
I was taken a back
When he reached out his hand
I didnt realise what had happend
Till I got inside the van
Well thank you God
Is all that I can say
For it is you who made my day.

Before I saw you
I really had no clue
Of what I was gonna do
But now in an instance
I feel that we have bridged the distance
After all these months
I finally saw you smile at me
Wow how lucky can I be
I don't want to sound hasty
But I wish one day
We can go out for a pastry
Normally it could be a guy
Who tells all this
But hey why would I miss
An oppourtunity like this
Just to tell you that
Your smile took me out of this world
And this to me is so much more precious
Than my diamonds or pearls

This is who you are
And this what you did
Now you decide for yourself
And tell me if you need any help
You were unfaithful
You were uncaring
You are all about yourself
And all you did was bragging
You broke too many hearts
You played so many parts
And now you sit all alone in the dark
Hiding your face behind a mask
In memories of you
I suffered in silence
Every single rule of love
You broke
Every promise you made
You shattered
I’ve moved on
Ever since you’ve been gone
Keep in mind that
Love once lost cannot be found.

All that I know is this
That I am who I am
Because of you dear
All the time when I
Faced a lot of pain
It was only you
Who helped me gain
What would I be
If you didn’t see me
I give you all that I have
For that is all that I can
Give back for all that you did
Time after time
It’s the same thing
That I bring
With more love and care
I salute you for who you are
God be blessed
For you have given me the life
And now every second of it
I cherish
With no complaints
I pick up what’s left over bit by bit

Please look after yourself
Don’t hesitate to ask me for help
I know that you’re not keeping well
I just hope that you take some time off
Just to get rid of your cough
You have got to put yourself first
I don’t want to see your temperature burst
Try not to strain much
Instead make yourself comfortable on a couch
Rest and medicine is what you need
Please just take heed
I appreciate you’re effort
But see to that you don’t end up getting hurt
Please take good care of yourself
And stack up those medicines back in the shelf
What I’m trying to say is
Get well soon
Cause you’re a boon.

This story has jus begun
Don’t get up before it’s done
I’ve been trying to tell you
Something for sometime now
I’m lost for words
I have never felt this way before
I know this for sure
Well it has to come out one day
I might as well say it today
I dug my nails into my palm
And pretended as if all is calm
I can’t believe I have
Fallen in this crazy thing called love
I just hope I get a chance
To tell him what I think of him
But it seems impossible
For this to happen
You say it’s a waste of time
To get hooked and later regret
But how can you be so darn sure
I promise that things will never be the same
And this is not some stupid game
As I say this
I dug my nails into my palm
And pretended as if all is calm
I can’t believe I have Fallen in this crazy thing called love

What is wrong with you?
You look so worn out and blue
I was shocked to see you this way
Now please don’t turn away
Look at you all shabby and rugged
Do you even know that I care?
Now don’t tell me this was all a dare
You dipped your face into the wine
And shot some vodka the whole damn time
And now I know that you ain’t fine
Right now you trying so hard
To concentrate
But I know that it’s just so hard
To contemplate
You stopped looking straight
And looks like the drink
Made you the bait
You dipped your face into the wine
And shot some vodka the whole damn time
And now I know that you ain’t fine
It must have been a wild night
With whisky and wine controlling your sight
Shot after shot went down your throat
Glad that you ended up here
And not on a boat

It’s a cold winter morning
I can hear the raindrops falling
Its Christmas time once again
And this year I will see no pain
Old things gone by
And new things comes to pass
All I want for Christmas is someone
That will last
As I pull out my note pad
I made a list of what I had
I never had what I wanted
But I want him for this Christmas
And ever more
I want to sit by the fireplace
Holding him tight
Watching his eyes shine like those Christmas lights
As the day slowly turns night
We dance away watching fireflies
A knock on the door
I heard my mom say get me some flour
I closed my notepad
And walked to the store
On my way back
I looked up at the sky
As raindrops fall right into my eye
I stood there praying
God I hope you’re listening
All I want for Christmas
Is that guy :)

Its time again winter has slowly begun
It’s time for us to have some fun
Every child every home is filled
With the festive spirit
As sweets and chocolates invade the fridge
Lights and candles brightens the room
As mama goes about cleaning with the broom
Joy and happiness fills our heart
And I pray that this never departs
Smiles across every strangers face
This seemed to be just the case
Peace and love is what we give
As we all learn to forgive
Everyday goes by
Planning for this special day
But lets not get carried away
Lets not forget the ones
Who can’t have all that we’ve got
But at least we can all share a little of what we bought
Let this day mark a new beginning
For the ones who thought this was the end

Do you feel like you've got noone
By your side
Trust me that aint something
That you've to hide
Dreams and wishes fills you up with hope
But in the end
You find it so hard to cope
You've now moved on with your life
So don't look back and be suprised
You've got all it takes to be a man
Beleive when others say you can
Stand up to what you beleive
When everything goes the other way
I'm sure that in the end
You will be merry and gay

To be or not to be
Is what people end up asking me
What started out as a joke
Has just begun to poke
I aint no kid
Don't look at me that way
There is something beyond work
Something that can be fun
So why do you always sit so still
Why can't you just get up and mingle
Is this who you really are
Or is this what you've become
Why do you always keep mum
Please oh please
Be at ease
You be the flower
And I'll be the bee.

Rs 27 or more each day
That’s how much you pay
Standing by the window pane
What is it that you gain?
Why do you smoke?
And then choke
It ain’t no joke
For me to see you smoke
The way your health could deteriorate
Could be faster than that of
India’s growth rate
Be it Kings or Cuts (Navy)
One or two may be a must
But to go for a puff every hour
Takes you all the more far
I see you shake
As you stand
Wont it be better
If you didn’t have the cigarette
In your hand
You’re still young you know
Then why smoke?
Your life is precious
Don’t waste it all up
On a cigarette.

There is this guy
That I would like to know about
I wish there was something I could do
Sometimes I think I know it all
Sometimes I really wish I do
But there is something in his eyes
That makes me wonder
Why doesn't he smile
I cant let go
Till I get to Know you more
I've been waiting for so long
That I ended up writing a song
Where are you now
What have you done
Your body language
Speaks a lot about you
But I wouldnt believe it
Till I hear it from you
Don't keep me waiting
Cause I need to know
There are a thousand words
That I could say I am siting here
Writing this song
Just so that
One day you will know
How serious I am
About you.

As I close my eyes I see your face
It’s an unusual feeling
As the dawn breaks
It’s you that I think of
As I pack my bag
And leave for work
I search for you
To say goodbye
You hold me close
And Kiss my eyes
It means so much to me
To see you smile
So open your heart
And let me in
Let me Stay there
Deep within
Knowing that this is where I belong
Made me realize why I had to wait
For Long
You are not so far away
But if I miss you
I will go astray
There is a girl waiting for you
Waiting to hear you say
I love you
So open your heart
And let me in
Let me Stay there
Deep within
Right from the moment I saw you
I felt close but,
I need to feel your love
But am too scared to trust
Cause you seem so different
Let go let lose
Let me get to know you
The way I should
Cause you mean the world to me
Something that you should see
So open your heart
And let me in
Let me Stay there
Deep within

There is something in your eyes
That captures my sight
Jus your glance
Leaves me in a trance
What is in you is magical
The way you talk
Is out of this world
I cuddle up in my bed
And I close my eyes
All I can see is your face
Shining ever so bright
There is Love in your voice
That takes me by suprise
I go to bed wondering
When will the sun rise?!
There was sorrow in my soul
That left me lying cold
It was the touch of your hand
That comforted me
Your child like behavior
Is so dear to me
I love it when you’re by my side
This longing for you will always
Be there on the inside
When will I get to be near you next?
What I type now is not jus mere text
I mean what I sayHey, this is me saying I LOVE YOU!!

Everything can change
Within a wink
Friends or no friends
It’s all your choice
You can’t trust anybody
And that’s the best way to live
You think they all are there
Beside you
But you fool
They are just being cruel
Get up and get out
And live for yourself
That’s what this world deserves
Let your life end with your past
Let the last person you cared about
Be the one who left you
In a caste
If this is how u view life
Am sorry to tell you
That there is more to this
Trust me take it from me
I know what i'm talking about
But that’s not all of it
Look inside of yourself
And smile
You will see how beautiful you are
That’s the truth, realize it
So many people Love you
That aint no lie
So why wait
Spread your wings and fly
Come take my hand
I will show you how it works
I will help you out of the shackles
And help you realize the miracle
Come on, let’s not waste a minute
Not everybody you see is bad
Something that leaves you sad
I will be your friend in need
If you’re willing to sow the seed
This is a song of inspiration
For your depression
You are not alone
No one is
Come let us see what life has in store for us
And help each other clear our mess.

There is something in your eyes
That tells me you don’t want to leave my sight
How I wish to hear you say out loud
That you mean a lot
Now I know that’s something that will make me float
I call to hear your voice
And it’s not by choice
I hear you say hello
And my entire face glows
How happy you make me feel
To hear these words from you
Tring tring-tring tring!!!
I suddenly realize
That I am
Sitting in the balcony
Looking out
Melancholy fills my soul
So fast my past
Enters my mind
And I lose sight of what’s real in life
Ya it’s hard
What’s even harder is
When u feel u got no one by your side
Suddenly you become the butt of all jokes
When you actually care a lot for that one person
In the eyes of others
You end up being the impractical person
Hey, that’s me I give a lot to the heart’s desire
Than being all practical
All the time
Melancholy fills my soul
It jus does
Am not making a fuss
I just hope you understand y
And take the time out
To hold me tight
Without a fight
Can somebody do that for me?
And make me merry!!!!!!

It was jus another day
Making my way
With my cousin
On a shopping spree
All dressed up in causals
We were just the usuals
Walking down the road
And BAM outta nowhere
Came a bike and knocked me down
A huge crowd gathered
Like flocks of birds over some dead rat
And suddenly i realised
That I was the victim in Pain
Ohh...how bad it was
But everything happens for a cause
I got hospitalised
But was glad that I was alive
It was a big ordeal
And I saw my dear ones feel
But this is say to you
That am getting better now
Thank u all for being there
And for showing so much care
Thank u Jesus that I am here today
To share the miracle of yesterday

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I saw a small girl
Full of misery and pain
Too small to express herself
She gently would smile away
Her tiny hands
Hold on to the window panes
Looking out to see
Others like her
Flying kites and planes
How she wished
For people to embrace her
Thought they would cover her
Like a fur
She cries and cries into the night
Silent tears falling along her side
She remembers reading
That JESUS would collect all her tears
And that he would send an angel
To take away all her fears
It’s been so long
The girl now is all grown
Still she feels so little inside
Still her wishes lurking inside
Those aren’t met
How she wants to be someone special
To the one who wants to see her smile
This girl I knew
Has encountered more than we can imagine
Even now she hides herself from the outside world
Smiling from the outside
And crying from within
When will her dreams come to pass?
This girl I knew
She is feeling so blue
She has got no clue
No one to attend to her cries
The one she counts on
Doesn’t even stop to realize
The pain in her heart
That she’s unable to bear
Considers her a burden
And doesn’t even care
No sense of compassion
What so ever
Will she be all alone?
Now and forever?!

Sitting by the sunset
Waiting for my turn
To be loved
Waiting by the ocean
Longing for someone
To take notice
It’s been so long since I laughed
There is a part of me
That wants to hide away
The pain that I have endured
All I feel is hopelessness
Am the lost soul
Who is seeking control
Can you hear me cryin
My heart out
It was just yesterday
I told you how I felt
And so soon I can see that
You chose to ignore it all
When will my time come
Who will help me realize my dreams
Waiting for so long
Time has drifted away
Can you hear me say
When will my time come

Before I met you
I was drowning in my own tears
I stood near my balcony
Made a call to you
It was then I started
To believe in miracles
I felt so full of myself
For the first time
In a long time
You were the one
Who saw the pain
You reached out for me
Before anyone could see
What I was going through
I received my salvation
No that ain’t no fashion
You understand my desires
My passions my dreams
I rest them all
In your hands now
Cause I feel so full of myself
For the first time
In a long time
You were the one
Who saw the pain
You reached out for me
Before anyone could see
What I was going through

This is me, all that u can see
Is the happy side of me
I have waited too long
For u to come along
I have found something
That keeps me going
I ain’t no quitter
But, I know the experience is bitter
There is another world
A world of laughter and joy
I get to have what I needed
All that I have been wanting
Is right here by my side
I hate to wake up and see
That the other world is just a dream
Oh, how I wish it could be real
Sitting by the ocean I dream on
Slowly swaying and singing alone
I know I will be free one day
Will get everything I longed for
Just like the water waiting to hit the shore
Till then all that I have got is the other world
A world of laughter and joy
I get to have what I needed
All that I have been wanting
Is right here by my side
I hate to wake up and see
That the other world is just a dream
Oh, how I wish it could be real

There she was pleading
To everyone who was close to her
To hear her desperate cry for help
She was all alone
All by herself
People couldn't hear her cry in the darkness
She locks the door
Sheds her tears
Cause of her fears
They all just chose to be there
But no one really cared
All that she felt was
A needle nailed to her heart
How people talk to her just for time pass
No one really cared for her
No one was really there
Excuses and lies
Are the things they have to give her
I tell you, make her feel alright
Before it's too late
Think for once
What if she dies?
How would you feel?
Do not forget there is nothing you can do
To get her back
So, make her feel alright
Before it's too late
Please have time for her
Take heed of her despiration
And act according to the situation
Before it's too late

I thought for myself
About the promises you made
You were all about yourself
How sick you make me feel
I have never come across
Any person like you
You are the one I would love to sue
The tide is high
It’s gonna pass me by
I don’t need you by my side
I tried so hard
But, you didn’t even care
Now I take away my entire share
I put my trust in you
It was such a waste
Now for all this
I give my final kiss
Man, I am never gonna miss
Every thing that you did
The tide is high
It’s gonna pass me by
I don’t need you by my side
You are a loser
So, don’t you come any closer
This is the end of you and I
Here you go- buh-bye

I’m searching for the answers
To all of my questions
On my mind
I have been alone
Waited by the phone
When will you be by my side?
Cause, you don’t know how much you mean to me
Every time you are down
You know that you can count on me
It doesn’t matter what’s on your mind
But please just be kind
Is there something in your heart?
That you going share
Cause it’s only me
Who, will show you all the care
I have been searching
For the right time
Be by my side
Cause, you don’t know how much you mean to me
Every time you are down
You know that you can count on me
It doesn’t matter what’s on your mind
But please just be kind

It’s such a pain
That I am leaving
I can’t take the way
You have hurt me
And it’s bleeding
You have hurt my feeling
So am going
Cause you are throwing
I gotta let you go now
All that is left in me is my pride
Well I am now done with your ride
So much time you have wasted
Now that’s something I have always hated
Stop playing
Now your blaming
I gotta leave you alone
You are a big fat lie
Don’t you act like you are shy
And this is my final good bye
Cause am going to reach for the skies

I like to see you get close to me
And I want you to be
There is nothing here
But you my dear
And a broken heart inside
Cause your eyes
Tells that you will hide
But, all I have got to give to you
Are these fine words of mine
You are my only one
For being with me, Oh
When everything is done
For lifting me up
When I would give up
You are my only one
Yes you are my only one
I never knew it would be true
Until the reason was you
And when I look at my past
Time has past so fast
I cross my heart
I was just an art
And I tried to make believe
What I just told was lies
You are my only one
For being with me, Oh
When everything is done
For lifting me up
When I would give up
You are my only one
Yes you are my only one

I belong to you
I live my life the way you want me to
You are my desire -The fire
Lord take me higher
Keep us safe under your wings
Brighten our days Lord let us sing
I belong to you
Do you feel the way I do
You give us your love
The holy spirit decended on you like a dove
Show us your way oh Lord
For we beleive that you are our God
I belong to you
I surrender myself to you
We will make some space
That you may fill us with your grace
You will never leave us nor forsake us
Now, that's a promise you made to us

There's a song of praise
And it's full of grace
Just to JESUS I cry out aloud
I was what I am
And now I know what I can
Lord, finally you made me a man
Before I found you
I was lost
But now i can't lose you at any cost
My heart goes out for all of your splended deeds
Now i am going to meet others needs
People know that he offers something that's free
Which will help you grow like a tree
Salvation is what he offers
So dont be just choppers
Make use of what you have
For it could be your last chance
If you wanna continue to dance

Lord, I give myself to you
I love everything you do
Your the one this world needs
It's your words that I read
You heal the broken hearted
Something that which was shattered
Your what this world needs
It is your love that I breathe
I will do my part
I will keep what you said in my heart
You shed your blood
You died on the cross
For the sins I did
But,Lord you treat me as your own kid
You are what this world needs
I pray that one day people will take heed

We used to be the best of friends
Which later became a trend
We used to bright up
Every little place
But now that's not the case
I try to tell you this simple thing
But haven't found the right way
To put it in
People around us got jelous
Of what they saw in us
However, we will have to clean this mess
Cause I miss what we had
I beleive we realised it today
That we can change all that
And make it the way it used to be
How nice it was when it was just you and me
Sacrifise and understanding is what is needed
Now that's something that has to be heeded
I want to change things over
Make it the way it was during the last call
Come lets chill out in the hall
I feel so bad
Cause I miss out on what we had

I have a best friend
That no one can see
Who's always by my side
And a one who never hides
He is with me when i fall
Cause he always attends my call
He is the one who knows about me
He is with me when am down
He tells me what should be done
At times i tend to listen to him
But mostly i don't
That is when i come to tell
That deacon i just fell
Suprise that he doesn't yell
But instead just holds me tight
And tells me to forget the fight
He's always buzy with work
But makes time for me
For he knows that I keep him first
And he thanks me for it
He says that it just means a lot
That I run back to him no matter what
I trouble him with all my worries and fears
Inspite of his tiring day
He gets back to wipe my tears
I know he is the one I can count on
Even when others are gone

It's late at night
People around me are sleeping
I was too untill it became two
Expectations woke me up
And now I am left with a widen eye
I tried to fall asleep
But eyes wouldnt rest
Even when I am safe in my own nest
I need someone to talk to me
To take me and let me be
But that's when I realise I got noting
I know what reply i will get
So it's better that I don't fret
There is always an excuse
I should have known
And you think you are one big don
Everytime I have to say something
You turn me down
When you put the question back to me
I end up writing a song

This is a song
And it goes out to you
For holding me up
In times of blue
You are a true friend I treasure
One that I can't measure
You stand by me and wipe my tears
Hold me close and Take away my fears
When you stand in a crowd
You make me so proud
For keeping the things i said in your mind
It shows that you are just so kind
You are one friend who's hard to find
Thank you for all that you have done
You have made it completly fun
It has been a rollercoaster ride
But we have crossed that tide
Thank you for being my friend
Inspite of the things that I have to mend

I have always looked upto you

Like a small child

For all the small and big things in life

I keep you first even though i fight

You are the one who first catches my sight

You seem so nice when your by my side

But, otherwise i see you hide

I wait I wait I wait for your call

And you end up seeing me fall

I feel you never valued me
I get angry and upset about few things
And i tell them to you
But it ends up being shatterd
Cause you think I am cold hearted

It’s a bright Sunday morning
A girl sits down to think
About the things she has faced
All through her life
She thinks of the battle and the scars
And about those who don’t seem to understand
Where she stands
She cries out for help
But they act deaf
She sheds her tears
And they shut their eyes
Everyday she thinks she can tell her feeling
But she just ends up bleeding
The scars are many
The helpers are few
The hurt is bad
That makes her sad
She expects a lot
But ends up getting shot
Every time she thinks she’s got what she wants
She seems so happy
That she goes back into being a baby
But It’s all short lived
When she realizes that it just stays for two minutes
She’s scared to open her mouth
Because she knows that they will shout
But who else has she got
Still, it makes no difference to them
And they don’t want to treat her like gem
If anything happens, they pull out her past
And that’s something that they all do so fast
Night falls and she goes to her bed weeping
Hoping to tell her story untold
That makes her feel so cold

You might feel like you got no one now
But that’s not for long
I dedicate this song
Cause you are not alone
No one understands what I say
No one knows how much I care
And they just stare
I tell I tell I tell
They yell and yell and yell
What do I do at times like this?
When I can hear them hiss
I feel my emotions are worthless
For someone who thinks I am a mess
Stop, don’t talk further
Tell me, what is it that you want?
And she says, I just don’t wanna be alone
How it crushes my heart to see
For someone to be like me

What is it that I see?
I say to myself, who can it be?
A girl who sits alone in her room
Waiting upon the full bright moon
She gazes at the stars and sings
Till it’s heard by all the kings
Oh, how I wish to see her smile
By anyone who feels for her pain
But, they all feel there isn’t much to gain
Don’t worry little girl
It will all be jus fine
Just hold on tight
And forget the fight
Talk to me when you got know one
For to you I am someone
Share you feelings with me
And you will see
That you u mean more to me
Than what you see

I search into my heart
And I see what you are
You have blessed me
With life most abundantly
I sing praises to you
I am one among the few
Lord, let your light shine through
I have been up and down
You have seen me frown
You made me what I am today
And I have only got myself to blame for my yesterday
Come Lord JESUS, come and make me whole
That you may fill my soul
I am not giving up during the days of my trials
For I know Lord my God is by my side
I know you will guide me safely through this wilderness
And I will try not to make a mess
Let your name alone be glorified
From all of the sides
Lord I give this song to you
A song that says I LOVE YOU

Who is he?
Who means the world to me?
I want you all to see
The life he has given me
JESUS, you’re awesome
Lord when will you come?

Who is he?
Who has given his love to me?
He’s the one who made my path straight
That which changed my fate
Thank you Lord JESUS
Thank you for the love you gave

You came into this world
And gave us light
But, yet I see most people fight
Lord, I ask u please turn your sight
And let us fly as high as a kite

I laugh, I cry, I smile
I hit, I yell, I scream
They all seem to complain
But hey that's just being me

I care, I help, I reach
I write, I draw, I paint
They all seem to know
That it’s just being me

I dance, I sing, I play
I make, I give, I say
They all seem to frown
Cause I am just being me

What have you done?
What have you done to me?
I feel so lovely inside
It's just a feeling of pride
Up above on cloud No 9
I feel just so fine
Thank you for being so kind
And helping me read my own mind

What have you done?
What have you done to me?
I have been so naughty at times
That you often mime
I feel so funny
When you call be bunny
It's been a long walk
So, let’s just continue to talk

Get up, open your eyes, it’s a brand new day outside
Stop! Don't look back, and make a crack

What has happened has happened
Let us face today together
For I'm here by your side
To lift you up and say- Be alright

I try, but I fail, what can be done to me?
I feel, so helpless, that I could die

I will, help you out, and make you feel
the way you should
You are my, precious one, don't turn back

I will be right here looking out for you
Make a way that I may work with you
I am not stopping till I see you smile
All the while, want to see you smile

Here I'm in my couch, looking out my window
Staring at the tree, the leaves so green, so beautiful
The breeze, hitting my face, that makes me feel so cool
I strain my eyes to view something that's disturbing my sight
What is that? I ask myself, a nest it is, I say
A round, brown circle and upon it rest's the egg of the bird
I heard as a child how well they are taken care of
I used to say to myself this is a living fairytale
When will I get my bail?
Soon, there will come a time for you to see the world
For you to see what I see
And if there comes a time, when I meet you
You will hear me say- you are a living tale

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